Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Association urges Chairman Frazier to run for the President of the National Congress of American Indians.


Chairman Harold C. Frazier of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe accepted the Great Plains Chairman's Association's request to run for the office of President of the National Congress of American Indians. Chairman Frazier’s desire to bring strong leadership on the national level to an organization that has a great influence on Washington D.C.


Chairman Frazier said, “The mission of NCAI is to protect treaty rights, protect our traditional ways, inform the government and public about our status as tribes and improve our quality of life. This is what I have been fighting for at the local an national level. I see this as an opportunity to strengthen the message of my Tribe and NCAI.


NCAI, a non-profit organization, advocates for a bright future for generations to come by taking the lead to gain consensus on a constructive and promising vision for Indian Country. The organization’s policy issues and initiatives are driven by the consensus of our diverse membership, which consists of American Indian and Alaska Native tribal governments, tribal citizens, individuals, and Native and non-Native organizations.


NCAI represents a diverse network of tribal nations, tribal citizens, and Native organizations. As a member-based representative Congress, NCAI is governed by voting members who determine NCAI’s consensus positions expressed in resolutions, which are developed in committees and sub-committees and then voted on at national conventions. NCAI members also elect the organization’s Executive Committee – the NCAI President, 1st Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer. These are elected by the entire membership. The 12 Regional Vice Presidents are elected by their respective regions. All board members serve for two-year terms.


The Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association (GPTCA) is composed of the 16 elected Chairs and Presidents or their duly appointed representatives of the sovereign India n Tribes and Nations recognized by Treaties entered with the United States that are within the Great Plains Region of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The GPTCA was formed to promote the common interests of the Great Plains sovereign Indian Tribes and their members in the states of North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.


“I want to provide strong leadership that will encourage more tribes to participate on issues that affect all of indian country and not sacrifice sovereignty and treaty rights for money.” added Chairman Frazier.






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