Indians First!

Bring All of Indian Country Back to NCAI


Increase Tribal and Individual Membership in NCAI


NCAI has been losing members over the years as it has become more focused on the needs of the few and not the many.


As Indian people, we are stronger when we are together– and we face so many challenges in this day and age.


As NCAI President, Harold Frazier will work to revitalize the NCAI membership – both tribes and individual Indian people – so that we can stand up and fight together.


He will  listen to the issues and the needs of tribes from every region and work in conjunction to tribal leaders and our youth to energize Indian Country and empower the next generation of Indian leaders.


NCAI is our oldest and strongest advocacy group, but a lot of our Indian youth don’t even know what it is.


As our ancestors understood, our people, our values, and our rights will not survive without our sacred youth.


Harold Frazier saw firsthand how the youth led the water protector movement at Standing Rock and the power of our Indian youth.


As NCAI President, Harold Frazier will bring NCAI to our next generation and bring the next generation to NCAI by engaging in real outreach and understanding youth issues.

Fight for the values of being an Indian


We are grateful that our status and our lands enable us to participate in the mainstream of commerce and in lucrative industries, but being an Indian is about more than economic development.


We must remember what our grandmothers and grandfathers taught us about the sanctity of our land and resources, the power and autonomy of our governments, the power of our women, the protection of our children, and the strength of our sovereignty. These principles must always come first.


We must also remember that the vitality of our culture and religion must be nurtured.


As NCAI President, Harold Frazier will fight for the values of being an Indian.


Let Indian Country drive NCAI.


1. Initiate ideas and goals that are generated from Tribal Leaders


2. Create pathways and blueprints for disadvantaged tribes to join self-sufficient Tribes in prosperity and self-government.


3. Be Proactive and plan for our future generations based on Tribal Needs


4. DO not allow States, the Federal Government, or especially corporate interests tell us what is important to Indian Nations. We decide what is important and what is needed for Indian country.


Fight to Preserve and Enhance Our Tribal Sovereignty & Treaty Rights Above All Else


1. Promote an ideal that we will not sacrifice our treaty rights for nothing – not money, not economic advantage, not political favors.  Nothing.


2. We need to flex our sovereignty everywhere we can,with both wisdom and bravery in the areas of jurisdiction, immunity, economic development,taxation and self-government.


3. Fight to protect our people, especially women, from violence,to safeguard the welfare of our children, and address the rampant impacts of illegal and prescription drugs trafficked in our communities.


4. Preserve the integrity of our lands and resources.  This includes defending sacred sites and environmental quality, but also holding the United States to its obligation to protect the trust status of our lands and to take land into trust regardless of the date on which a Tribe was federally-recognized.


5. Hold the United States to its Treaty obligations and its trust responsibility.  The United States and the courts now think it’s appropriate to retreat from these solemn obligations.  We must force all three branches of the United States government to remember and live up to their promises to us. Our ancestors fought and died for these rights, land was exchanged for these rights and we never forget these sacrifices.


6. Hold the United States to its obligation, recognized by the United Nations, to obtain our free, prior, and informed consent when they consider projects that affect our trust property, treaty rights, and sacred sites.





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